Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tijuana: Cuban women sex trafficking

I have only seen this article in Spanish, and if you are interested read it, although it is a tidbit long. The story involves the trafficking of women that in their desperation would do anything to get out of Cuba. These young women, or should I say girls, because many are as young as 18, are advertised on web sites and various other means. For the most part, they end up in arranged marriages with Mexican nationals for the sole purpose of leaving Cuba. A favorite destination is Tijuana, Mx due to its proximity to the USA (just on the other side of San Diego), where they will then quickly abandon their new husbands for a new life in the USA.

Not all end up in the USA, some (the ugly ones) have not choice and tend to stay married …you believe this? Many come to Tijuana with some experience in the world's oldest profession.

The fall of Cuba's ex-Minister Ernesto Robaina was partly due to the involvement of his wife in companies which dealt with trafficking of Cuban women.

Rad the article here.


A. Perales said...

I didn't know that they ended up in Tijuana, of all places, prostituting themselves, when they could easily cross the border and claim they're Cubans.
I have heard before Mexicans going over to Cuba and looking for white Cubans, not the Black ones, of course. The whiter the better.
One doesn't have to go too far when the "chusma" of the wannabe Tongolele that married the producer in order to get her feet into television. I forget her name. All that guy needs is a feather on his skull to identify him as a Native American and she totally White.
The same goes for that other named Mujica who went to Mexico and married another Mexican in order to get into showbiz.
The same goes for the men who marry Mexican women and then, once here, don't want to work and become a pain in the petunia until she realizes all the charm and the "cuchi-cuchi" wore off once he left the island.
Some of these folks are lonely people who have struck out in their own country and are looking for love in other countries. Again, some, not all folks.
Thanks for the article. I read it.

Orlando said...


I too was surprise.