Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome to San Diego, MX

From Free Republic, chipping away little by little the reconquistadores move in. I wonder if Emilio and Gloria Estefan and Willie Chirino know what they are supporting.


A. Perales said...

Willie Chirino and the Estefans know very well what they are supporting. These folks aren't children. If they had lived in California since the 60's as I have been, they would see the radical change this state has gone through.
I presently live in an area where Mexicans or Mexican-Americans represent the majority of the population in the county. Whites are the minority. This wasn't the case back in the 70's. I imagine that in Southern California it is the same thing. The Spanish-speaking population has supplanted the so-called Anglos for good and the government is indifferent.
And the radicals want this to go back to Mexico? Boy, that's taking a step back to the mess they left behind.

Orlando said...


No one knows more about the impact of illegals than those of us who live in Southern California. The Emilios and the Chirinos of the world are simply protecting their revenue base. I guess illegals buy a lot of records? It is like when that other idiot Cristina came out and announced her support for Cruz Bustamente...just becuase they are latinos. Disgusting!

Charlie Bravo said...

Yes, I remember that fat crass idiot of Cristina supporting the prokasstro terrorist Cruz Bustamante. I am really sorry for Willy Chirino, but the Estefans are consistent in supporting everybody minus the Cuban rafters. Yeah, all of them have become professional Hispanics or professional Latinos, the label of choice of the week.
I am a proud American who was born in Cuba.