Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Do they riot in Cuba?

Cubans riot in Mexico and they riot in the Caymans, but do they riot if Cuba? You would think so, and perhaps it happens more than we know, the difference is that in Cuba you will get 20 years in prision, elsewhere it may get you freedom.
Cubans Riot at Prison
A confrontation at the Fairbanks Immigration Reception Centre between Cuban migrants and law enforcement officers on Wednesday 19 April arose after migrants began making demands late in the afternoon to be returned to Cuba immediately, local authorities claimed.


A. Perales said...

I can't imagine the situation in Cuba at present for all these folks risking their lives. The Miami Herald published today an article about these fishermen finding a head bobbing in the ocean, presumably a Cuban who had fled the island and attacked by a shark. It's so sad to hear these things going on and to know that so many folks could care less about their plight.

Orlando said...

No one cares indeed. It's even getting so difficult for Cubans just to present exit visas that the United States has set up a call center in Mexico so that families can make the necessary inquiries. Here is the article in Spanish: http://www.voanews.com/spanish/2006-04-25-voa62.cfm