Friday, February 10, 2006

Woman gets fine from US for illegal travel to Cuba

Binsin Bangan!! A protester faces 10 years of prision and $250,000 for violating the US ban on travel to Cuba. The fine is equivalent to 417 years of salary for a Cuban professional.
Sheila Stumph was one of 10 protesters who got the letter last month from the U.S. Treasury Department. She and her husband, Scott Langley, were among 24 protesters who flew to Cuba in December and tried to visit the detainees.
Read the story here.

Go Sheila, go Sheila, go!!


ziva said...

Oh man, doing a happy dance. Yes!! Okay castro's still in power, the MSM is still bent over for fidel, but this is nice, and maybe will stop a few "average" folk from risking their house and life savings to prop up a dictator they probably don't really know anything about.

Alberto Perales said...

She was stupid enough to announce her trip. Well, she had it coming.

Anonymous said...

The planet belongs to us humans. Government's shouldn't be able to tell us where we can and cannot go.