Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Schmucksters" for Peace get Fined

H/T to Babalú for a very clear interpretation of the "Schmucksters" for Peace recruitment e-mail. Now The New York Sun reports on the $1.5 million fine the group faces for their illegal travel to Cuba. A proper fine for their idiotic adoration of the dictator in Havana.
Bush Enforcing Cuba Embargo In New Push

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is cracking down on Americans who have violated the embargo against Cuba, targeting a "solidarity" trip to Havana in July 2005 by the New York-based pro-Castro group Pastors for Peace.

The Treasury Department sent administrative subpoenas to more than 100 people who traveled to Cuba last summer with the activist group - a first-step enforcement action that could lead to up to $65,000 in fines being imposed on each traveler.

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