Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Islam, hijacked!

The Islamic fanatics would not be content until all Western civilization is exterminated, completely and absolutely wiped out. They will not be content until the only rule of the land is based on the radical interpretations of the Koran. The opportunistic terrorists are using the publication of the satirical caricatures of Mohammad by a Danish newspaper as a pretext to inflame the hatred that already exists for the West. The mediocre caricatures were first published in September 2005 in an effort increase understading of the Islamic faith. And now after all these months is when we see the outrage. If the caricatures had been such an affront to Islam, the response would have been instantaneous, after all this is not the first time that Mohammed has been shown in drawings or carvings. Michelle Malkin has a picture of Mohammad in marble in the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington...will they burn it down? Additional images can also be seen at Mohammed Image Archive.

Where are the moderate Muslims? They are cowering? Are there any moderate Muslims? If they exist, then they are quietly distancing themselves from the fanatics that have hijacked their religion. Well moderate Muslims, here is a listing of the atrocities committed in the name of God and the Prophet Mohammad. The time has come for the world to hear you, and hear you loudly.

This is a list from the British government of significant terrorist attacks from the first on the World Trade Centre in New York until that in London on 7 July. It does not include all terrorist attacks. During this period several planned attacks which might have led to significant loss of life have also been prevented, most notably a planned attack on Strasbourg Christmas Market in December 2000 and other attacks planned a year earlier against targets in the US and Jordan.

26-Feb-93 USA (New York) First World Trade Center bombing planned by Ramzi Youssef. 6 killed, over 1000 injured.

11-Dec-94 Philippines Small bomb on Philippines Airlines flight; 1 Japanese businessman killed, 10 people injured.

29-Jul-95 France (Paris and Lyon) 4-month bombing campaign. Attacks on the Paris metro, the Arc de Triomphe and outside a Jewish school in Lyon.

13-Nov-95 Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) Car bombs at military compound.

18-Sep-97 Egypt(Cairo) Gunmen attack a tourist bus. 9 Germans and 1 Egyptian killed.
17-Nov-97 Egypt (Luxor) Gunmen attack tourists. c.70 killed.

7-Aug-98 Kenya (Nairobi) and Tanzania (Dar-es-Salaam) Truck bomb attack against US embassies. Over 200 people killed, thousands injured.

12-Oct-00 Yemen Boat bomb attack on the USS Cole in the port of Aden. 17 US soldiers killed, 39 wounded.

11-Sep-01 USA (New York and Washington) Hijacked planes crashed into the two World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. A fourth plane crashes into a field in Pittsburgh. c. 3000 killed.

11-Apr-02 Tunisia Vehicle bomb attack against a synagogue on the resort island of Djerba. c.21 killed.

8-May-02 Pakistan (Karachi) Bomb attack against bus carrying French engineers near Sheraton Hotel.

14-Jun-02 Pakistan (Karachi) Truck bomb attack against US Consulate. 12 killed, 51 injured.
6-Oct-02 Yemen Boat bomb attack against French oil tanker MV Limburg off Ash Shahir port. 1 killed.

12-Oct-02 Indonesia (Bali) Attacks against US Consulate, Sari Club and Paddy's Bar. 202 killed, including 26 Britons.

28-Nov-02 Kenya (Mombasa) Attack on an Israeli-owned hotel. 12 killed. Surface-to-air missile launched at Israeli airliner the same day.

12-May-03 Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) Attacks at 3 compounds housing expatriates. Over 30 killed.

16-May-03 Morocco (Casablanca) Multiple suicide bombings against Spanish club, hotel and sites. 45 dead, c.100 injured.

5-Aug-03 Indonesia Vehicle bomb attack against Marriott Hotel. c. 12 killed, 100 injured.

8-Nov-03 Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) Major vehicle bomb attack against residential compound housing mainly expatriate workers from other Arab countries. 17 killed, over 80 injured.

15-Nov-03 Turkey (Istanbul) 2 vehicle bomb attacks at Jewish synagogues.

20-Nov-03 Turkey (Istanbul) 2 vehicle bombs at HSBC Bank and British Consulate. Together with 15 Nov attack, over 60 people killed (including 2 Britons).

11-Mar-04 Spain (Madrid) Bomb attacks against 4 trains. Terrorists blew themselves up when confronted by police. 199 killed.

1-May-04 Saudi Arabia (Yanbu) Attack on expatriate oil workers. 6 foreign nationals and 1 Saudi killed.

30-May-05 Saudi Arabia (Al Khobar) 4 attacks in Al Khobbar target oil companies and compound.

9-Sep-04 Indonesia (Jakarta) Vehicle bomb outside Australian Embassy. 9 killed, over 100 injured.

8-Oct-04 Egypt Large explosions at Hilton Hotel in Taba and at 2 campsites in the Sinai area. Over 30 killed.

28-Oct-04 Pakistan (Islamabad) Explosion at Marriott Hotel. 7 injured.

19-Mar-05 Qatar (Doha) Vehicle bomb attack outside the Doha Players' Theatre. 1 (British national) killed, 12 injured.

07-Apr-05 Egypt (Cairo) Attack near tourist bazaar in Cairo. 2 French nationals and one American killed, c.18 injured.

30-Apr-05 Egypt (Cairo) Tourist bus fired on in Cairo. 8 injured.

07-Jul-05 UK (London) 4 explosions - 3 in tube trains, one in bus. At least 52 dead, 700 injured.

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