Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chavez wants to arm 1 million Venezuelans

Chavez, who seems to have a lot of oil and very little imagination, keeps taking pages from the dictator in Havana handbook. He celebrates a 1992 failed coup, in the same manner that castro celebrates the 1953 attack on the Moncada military headquarters. And now Chavez needs 1 million well armed Venezuelans “to repel a possible U.S. invasion.”
"We still need a higher number of rifles. The 100,000 Russian rifles are not enough, Venezuela needs to have one million well-equipped and well-armed men and women," he said.
For 47 years castro has warned of a possible U.S. invasion of Cuba. A pretext he has used to buy weapons for the army that keeps him in power, while the people are in perpetual state of readiness and sacrifices. As Chavez kicks off his re-election campaign, it makes sense that he would try to strengthen his army, it may be only way that he gets to stay in Miraflores.

Venezuela's Chavez considering arming one million people here.

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Alberto Perales said...

Castro used to say "¡Armas para que!"
Well, that changed later to another tune, as always.