Saturday, January 21, 2006

Castro missing at cocalero's inauguration

Fidel Castro has sent his regards and his “love,” but will not be attending Evo Morales’ presidential inauguration. Instead the delegation is headed by his lackey V.P. Carlos Lage, whom upon arrival in Bolivia cited that the “president (Castro) will not be attending due to work related reasons.” Many have speculated that one reason is that the leader maximus is failing in health, see Babalú (posted by Mora). Everything that Fidel does is calculated and meditated, and the spot light will be on the cocalero’s assumption of the Bolivian presidency. The spotlight is not big enough or bright enough for Fidel to share, he will show up at a later date when he can grab more of it. And with regards to his failing health, the Kuban press is announcing his appearance on TV later today to continue a panel discussion about Kuba’s Revolución Energética.

Continuará esta tarde comparecencia de Fidel

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