Sunday, February 08, 2009

One last time

About one hour ago I dropped my 82 year old mother at the airport. She is traveling from the West coast to the East coast and then onto Havana. This will most likely be her last trip, her last chance to see her only surviving sibling, her youngest sister, and her last chance to see the country where she was born. The airline tagged us with and additional $95 for excess luggage, which was filled with coffee bags, aspirins, vitamins, eye glasses, toilet paper, shoes and clothing, and God knows what else. When my mother returns, the only thing that she will bring back is her passport.

I gave her a digital camera and asked to take tons of photos, I don't even care it is of a dog taking a crap. As long as it is a Cuban dog. I know her, she will most likely not take any photos; in her own words "para qué, a quién le gusta ver miseria y desgracia."

Mami, le pido a Dios que te lleve y te traiga sana y salva.

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