Saturday, September 22, 2007

Duped, again!

So, the dead dictator rears his desiccated head on Cuban television, again! Why were so many duped and ready to party at the drop of a pin? I was not. Reliable, incontrovertible sources assured that the dictator fidel castro was indeed in a fossilized state. I do not blame them; it is their blinding desire to see a free Cuba that causes them to believe the inevitable. A monster does not rule for 50 years without deceit and manipulation; let’s face it we all fell for it.

As for me, “la botellita” that currently chills in my refrigerator will be popped when the dancing celebrating the monster’s demise happens in the streets of La Habana…not Miami!

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Progger said...

Even when Castro dies, that will not change anything. Worse than communism is when the Miami Cubans arrive in Cuba and start corrupting Cuba to levels that the Communists never imagined. They will get billions in money from Uncle Sam, and they will steal most of it for themselves.

Unless Cuba becomes a part of the USA (territory or state), there is never going to be any happy ending. The Cubans in Miami have proven that they are too corrupt to govern.