Saturday, March 31, 2007

Missing, But Not Gone

My friends the American Dream is real, but it takes a lot of work. Last November yours truly received a work promotion that immediately tripled my responsibilities, in workload and in the number of employees reporting directly to me. El cubanito that arrived in this great country at the age of 10 is now the boss! I am not gloating, that is not my style. I am just simply stating that if you study, and work hard you eventually get the wheel. However, this is not the only reason why I stopped blogging. I confess that I went through a little depression that simply kept me away from the computer, caused by a filthy dictator that refuses to die. I am still asking myself the question, what great sin have the Cuban people perpetrated to deserve such hell, such punishment?


Alberto P.R. said...

Good to see you back here, Orlando. I had thought something had happened to you.
¡Enhorabuena en tu promoción!

Jose Aguirre said...

Congratulations on your promotion! Your success, and that of Cubans all around the world, are ample proof that what is wrong with Cuba is the failed system, not its people!

Anonymous said...

The Cuban people were too trusting of Fidel, the monster. They didn't take politics seriously.

You know that. You and the fine Cubans like you would never have put up with Castro. Congratulations on your promotion. You understand free enterprise. See my blog at

St. Jose said...

Felicidades por la promoción, boss!

Y arriba el ánimo, esa pregunta nos ronda a todos los cubanos. Y realmente cuando viene me desespera la idea de que Cuba siga así. Pero, no será así. Castro no es inmortal, ni tampoco el comunismo. Cuba será libre! Recordemos como, cuando nadie lo pensaba, la Union Sovietica cayó y se desmembró.
Ánimo. Teresa de Calcuta dijo: "Sé que lo hago es una gota en el oceáno. Pero si lo dejara de hacer el océano estaría incompleto."


Dios no olvida a sus hijos.

elanticastro said...

congratulations on your promotion.
yes you're right if you work hard you do evntually get behind the wheel.please don't get depress because fidel is not dead yet you know that just like everyone of us his time will com i just hope and pray that his time comes soon and that our people in cuba will enjoy a taste of freedom.

Alfredo said...

congratulations on your promotion mi hermano! no explanations needed my FELLOW FREEDOM fighter!