Friday, December 15, 2006

Chavez: fidel does not have terminal cancer

He is simply affected by death, which will cause him to die. But he is recuperating, and soon will continue to miss more important functions.
CUBAN leader Fidel Castro does not have cancer, but is fighting a "great battle" against a "very serious" illness, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said.

In the most extensive account of Castro's condition following weeks of rumors that he has cancer or is even dead, Mr Chavez said he remained optimistic and that his close ally had been in good spirits when they spoke by telephone on Thursday.

"Some comments have come out, that Fidel has a terminal cancer - Fidel does not have cancer," Mr Chavez told supporters in a celebration of his December 3 reelection.
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St. Jose said...

"Fidel Castro does not have cancer, but is fighting a "great battle" against a "very serious" illness"
La batalla que va a tener va a ser después de la muerte. Y esa, con la maldad que lleva, ya la tiene perdida.


(Un gusto verte por Paradise Spirit)

Alberto P.R. said...

The Cuban government must be delighted in how those outside speculate on Fidel's immninent death from cancer or whatever he has. For me it's not when he dies but what will happen to Cuba after this eventually happens.

Anonymous said...

He doesnt have cancer like he's the legitimate elected President of Cuba! LOL

Alfredo said...

yep no cancer, he is fighting a serious illness induced by imperialism and yankee hyper consumerism(LOL). Everyone and everything is a enemy to the dictator, yet he is the one who has wreaked havoc and destroyed a nation. Yes, folks he has been a CANCER for over 47 years!