Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Todavía no ha pasado la tormenta

Thank you for your e-mails and for waiting for my return, your words were very encouraging. Believe it has been hard to stay away. I know that there are better blogs that you can visit and read, and I am humbled by your support and comments. I am not still at the point where I can come back to this on a regular basis; however, I will make an effort to continue as time permits disseminating the truth about Cuba to the ignorant world.

Thank you...and ABAJO CASTRO! ¡Que se muera ya!


St. Jose said...

Bienvenido de vuelta, compadre.
Sigue adelante con este gran blog.

Me uno a ti: Que llegue el día! Que se muera ya!

Viva Cuba Libre!


Alberto said...

Esperamos buenas noticias de ti y que todo pase rápido.

ziva said...

No worry Orlando, as you are able to post, we'll be here to read.

Alfredo said...


glad your back mi hermano! We need a true FREEDOM fighter as yourself to coninue the fight for a FREE Cuba.

God bless!