Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy cows?

The California Advisory Milk Board has a hilarious campaign to promote California cheese. You can actually view the TV commercials at The catch phrase is that “happy cows come from California,” thus the great cheese. Not to be outdone the state of Vermont wants it cows to be happy as well, but not in Vermont.
The 76 Vermont Holstein and Jersey heifers arrived at the Niña Bonita farm outside Havana last August. So far, Cuban officials are pleased with the cows' performance and their offspring. They say the cows are in good health and are continuing to adapt to Cuba's hot and humid climate.
The oddest thing about this story is not that the US is Cuba’s largest supplier of food stuff and pharmaceuticals in spite of the “horrible” blockade, but the request made by Cardinal Jaime Ortega.
The head of the Catholic Church in Cuba is considering acquiring a small number of cows as well.

"The new seminary we're building now is interested to have cows for the seminarians," said Cardinal Jaime Ortega, who stopped by Wright's booth at the fair.
Future child molesting priests need their calcium. How is it that the Cardinal can get his cows, and the everyday Juan Cuban cannot?

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Anonymous said...

orlando yo siempre lo he dicho mi hermano...ortega es un descarao un hipocrita y un tipo al igual que todos los lideres religiosos...bailan con la musica que le pongan mientras ellos se beneficien de la melodia.