Tuesday, October 10, 2006

There is a dengue fever epidemic in Cuba too!

NRI (Non-Resident Indians) are canceling their trips to their homeland due to an outbreak of dengue fever. Indians are advised by family members to postpone their visits. This is the same fever that is affecting Cuba, where many have been infected and many have died. Not until recently did the Cuban regime finally admit it had a problem on its hands; however, it has not published any figures. IT’S A STATE SECRET!

Travelers to Cuba should be warned, but who to call to verify the intensity of the dengue fever epidemic? Cuban government agencies will tell you “aquí no tenemos ningún problema, todo está bajo control.” All is well, even the dead are using the telephone and continue to rule. NRC (Non-Resident Cubans) to use the same lingo used in the article, cannot simply e-mail tío Pepe and ask. If tío Pepe has e-mail he is going to be very careful in his response (remember STATE SECRET), and most likely tío Pepe is in the dark as most Cubans are to news of this kind.

I direct this message at our Canuck friends from the North that like to travel and holiday in the communist paradise. It is best to take precautions, or you will find yourself enveloped in a cloud of insecticide, and who knows how carcinogenic (cancer causing) it is. This warning does not apply to Hollywood lefties or Venezuelan dictators!

News of Dengue Fever Dampens Holiday Season Travel Plans to India

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