Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Status quo for the Catholic Church in Cuba

For 47 years the Church has kept silent in Cuba , just like it did while the Nazis were in power, and plans to continue to follow that same dogma in light of the passing (not dead, but his time has passed) of the dictator fidel castro. Other dictators will come, and Church will continue the same attitude of inaction. No wonder the Church is permitted to exist, but only as eunuchs in the kingdom of the castros.
Church has no political role in Cuba with Castro sick, say Catholic leaders
By Agostino Bono10/2/2006
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) – The Cuban church's role in national life after President Fidel Castro relinquished power is not to be political but to accompany the people wherever the future leads, said two Cuban Catholic leaders.

"I don't think the people see the church as a political player. Nor has the church presented itself as a political player," said Orlando Marquez Hidalgo, spokesman for the Cuban bishops' conference.

Father Rene Ruiz Reyes, Havana archdiocesan delegate to the bishops' National Commission for Priests, said that "the mission of the church is to accompany the people along the road" at a time when no one in the Caribbean island country can predict the future. More [here].

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El Gusano said...

is this the same church that was headed by JPII?!?
must be the one headquartered in beijing