Friday, October 06, 2006

If Fiedler had a favorite music

Today, I had to go to Bakersfield, CA on business of course. Why else would I want to drive 450 miles round trip? Being in that dusty city I was reminded of two sisters who are singers from the Bakersfield area and whose brand of music reigns supreme with a certain sector of the population. Then, I thought that if Tom Fiedler had a favorite brand of music these sisters would certainly fill his bill. Take your time and browse through their website and blog, and you shall be enlightened.


Alberto P. R. said...

Orlando, that's the land of the Oakies, Arkies, descendants of the Dust Bowl refugees, and country music reigns supreme in this area. What can you expect?

El Gusano said...

good one. i saw those girls on bill o'rielly once. they like german shepperds

Orlando said...

And they really love the fatherland, these wunderkinder.