Monday, October 02, 2006

Harvard can go to Cuba

Harvard University is giddy with excitement for being granted permission by the U.S. Treasury Department to conduct a “one-year exchange” academic program with Cuba . It is not clear if this means that Cubans will be permitted to study here at Haaarvarrrd; although, I doubt it. I have absolutely no problem with academic exchanges, my own son has participated in them, and I believe that he benefited greatly from it. However, I cannot help it, but I find the following paragraph a little irksome, actually it pisses me off.
From the Harvard Crimson:

DRCLAS and OIP officials expressed enthusiasm about the program. OIP Acting Director Leslie M. Hill wrote in an e-mail, “This is a unique intellectual opportunity for a small group of Harvard College students to study at an outstanding Latin American university, live in a dramatically different social, political, and economic landscape, view the world from a Cuban vantage point, and hear some of the world’s greatest music—live!”
It sounds like Director Hill is ready to party to “live” Cuban music, in Cuba, because anywhere else is not as good. Please send the Director her beret.

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