Friday, October 27, 2006

El commimierda Brown for attorney general

When people refer to California as the “left” coast; some simply nod yes in some type of agreement. I believe that it is more moderate than leftist (notice I said leftist and not liberal), because what we do have here are some nut jobs that give us that leftist reputation, such much so, that some parts of the eastern US would not miss it if it fell into the ocean when the Big one hits. It would certainly put Colorado closer to the Pacific Ocean. After all we are the state that has produced some of the biggest commimierdas and sent them to the nation’s and state capitals; Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and who was that ex-governor of the State?

Jerry Brown of singer Linda Ronstadt (who?) fame is now running for attorney general for the State of California, after a not so illustrious career as mayor of Oakland, CA (sister city Santiago de Cuba). Now you know where this is headed. Brown once had a dinner meeting that lasted 8-hours with the coma-andante, and he is still drooling. This guy (Brown) has been totally enamored with the Cuban dictators, and assassins like ché, people that have absolutely no concept or reality of justice, people that like to implement their own sanguine rule, these are people that Brown looks up to. Yes, go ahead and elect Brown…we will deserve no less than the Big one.

The Red Side of Brown
A look at Jerry Brown's very radical friends.
by Kevan Blanche

JERRY BROWN has been an unabashed and stalwart devotee of left-wing politics throughout his career, but in recent years he has led many to believe that he has joined the political mainstream. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and as mayor of Oakland, Brown has once again reaffirmed his longtime sympathies for leftist causes, while consistently working to undermine U.S. foreign policy with regard to Cuba's communist regime.
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El Gusano said...

hahaha he's called governoer moobeam in certain circles.

machete said...

fuck casto-lover jerry brown.