Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cuban police help Cuban-Canuck loose her children

In a nut shell:

-Dunia Garcia (25) travels with her daughter Amanda to Cuba to visit relatives.

-At checkpoint Cuban police want to see travel documents, and accuses of being false.

-Dunia gets angry a lo cubano
-Dunia takes picture of policeman – a definite NO NO; policeman reacts angrily
-Dunia calls policeman stupid – eres un estúpido
-Dunia spits at policeman

Dunia has a miscarriage – 5 month old pregnancy
Dunia gets to go back home to cold Canada, but not with Amanda

Cuban government keeps Amanda as collateral.

Cuban government loves and protects the family and pregnant women.

Cuento in full [here].

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Alberto P. R. said...

She should have known better!! I am sorry for her situation. Here's another case in my relations, which is now being played out. This distant cousin is divorced and wants to take her daughter with her to Spain. She gets a letter giving her permission from her ex-husband, who presently lives in Miami, after defecting in Mexico and crossing the border illegally. She goes to the Ministry of Tourism and gets their okay that he didn't actually left his job unfinished in Mexico. Now the Cuban government has retracted and the daughter is stuck in Cuba, and she has had to return to Spain where her own parents had moved this summer.