Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who to believe?

Manuel Rosales: Chávez conceded we are tied

Manuel Rosales, the single opposition presidential candidate, showed satisfaction at President Hugo Chávez' alleged remarks "in which he conceded, before his followers, that we are tied in polls."
In a press release, Rosales claimed that such information leaked from a meeting Chávez -who is running for re-election next December 3rd- held with his electoral campaign taskforce Miranda, where they assessed recent polls.
Rosales added that Chávez "has publicly acknowledged we are tied."
However, this is not what the Cuban press is reporting. They have Chavez at an overwhelming lead…with the majority of the dead voting for Chavez.

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Alberto P. R. said...

I don't believe Rosales stands a chance of winning. Chavez will use the Cubans around him and whatever is necessary to win the election. He will perpetuate himself in power.