Friday, September 29, 2006

Is Chávez becoming a pariah?

It looks like some of Chávez’ European socialist friends would prefer to be friends at a distance, unless they are terrorist friends [like the two at the bottom on the article], then its hugs and kisses and exchanges of saliva.
Venezuela apologises to Portugal for Chavez poster

LISBON: Venezuela apologised to Portugal today after President Hugo Chavez used a picture of himself with Portugal's Prime Minister Jose Socrates in an election campaign poster, Portuguese news agency Lusa said.

The apology came after Portugal said it was dissatisfied with the use of its Socialist prime minister's picture as Chavez campaigns ahead of Dec. 3 presidential elections.

"If there was any kind of particular interpretation (about the poster) we apologise," Lusa cited Venezuela's Communications minister, William Lara, as saying. Lara said the poster had been removed.

There is an 800,000-strong Portuguese community in Venezuela. "Breaking the blockade. Venezuela respects itself," read the poster.

The picture of the two men was taken three months ago when Chavez briefly met Socrates at Lisbon's airport while on his way to Russia.

Other campaign posters include Chavez with Cuban President Fidel Castro and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Srcohiba said...

if it looks like a pariah and quacks like a pariah, chances are that it is Hugo Chavez...