Friday, September 29, 2006

Cuba: Dead last in mobile growth

Another great achievement of the Cuban revulsion is to be dead last in communication growth. The Cuban regime may blame the “blockade” for having the highest deficit in mobile communication in the Western Hemisphere, but the truth is that it is in Cuba’s best interest to do so. If there is no communication, except what the regime feeds you, then the chances of people getting together and fomenting a counterrevolution are minimized. Just look at how Cuba stacks-up.
Regional [Latin America] mobile penetration stood at around 43% in early 2006, but varies greatly from country to country, with Jamaica, Chile, and Argentina recording the highest rates (apart from the small Caribbean islands) at around 93%, 70%, and 54% respectively, while Haiti and Cuba languish at 5% and 1% respectively. Some of the Caribbean islands have mobile penetration rates of over 100%, the highest of all being Turks & Caicos at 230%.
Read the whole report [here], but you have been warned there are lots of numbers.


Anonymous said...

viva cuba libre!!

El Gusano said...

unbelievable 1% mobile penetration.