Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The Palm Beach Post pats itself on back for being one of the first papers allowed to take pictures of Cubans while the Jurassic beast convalesced in a hospital bed. However, the video has zero surprises; the pictures are the cliché photos that typically appear on every leftist rag. It is a montage with the same old tired images of the Argentinean assassin. It shows Cubans with big cigars, and a narrator that forgot to throw away the chewing gum. The poem “When Night is Darkest,” by Cuban poet Miguel Barnet is read and the background music is a sickening allegorical song about “comandante Che.” See the video [here].

I’ll get a copy of Granma instead, at least I already know it is good toilet paper.


Srcohiba said...

and perfect for lining bird cages, training puppies, and wrapping mullet

Alfredo said...

This is the best that they could get? Yawn, journalistic ethics at it's best.