Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Topping the news in Los Angeles…

In order of importance, the story that dominated the news today was that of a tequila drunken actor, his anti-Semitic ranting during his arrest and his subsequent lame apology. Tony Blair stopped by, circumventing George, met with mucky-mucks Arnold, Antonio and ex-Prez Bill and signed some type of agreement to prevent global doom. The fidel castro news received minimal attention, and I mean minimal, the above dominating the newsday. For a Cuban-American, the left coast is a news dessert, but thanks to God for the internet, which is how I kept updated. Cuban-American bloggers providing most of the information in addition to listening live to Miami radio (WAQI and WQBA). Imagine living in Cuba where both the press and the internet are state controlled, and neither one tells the truth.

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machete said...

It's killing me too. I find myself watching CNN (ugh) most since they seem to, at the very least, be cutting to updates most often.

i'll be in Miami in a little over 24 hours to see and feel it all for myself... can't wait to run straight to Hialeah and bang some pots and pans in the streets!