Monday, August 07, 2006

Osler's update from Havana

David Osler is a Brittish journalist that is currently vacationing in Havana. I stumbled onto his blog Dave’s Part by accident and made comment about him posting the picture of the dead prick Che. Dave’s posting is rather scarce since arriving in Cuba. Visitors to the site including me are encouraging him to forget the sightseeing bullshit and to provide his observations with more frequency, here is what he wrote today. I must warn you that if you visit the site get ready for points of view coming from wayyyyyyyyyy left.
Sunday, August 06, 2006
Update from Havana
Things are definitely getting heavier here. Last night I saw troops on the streets of Habana Vieja. Granted, they were unarmed. But they were in uniform, and conspicuous by their numbers. I think most of the population got the message.

Despite the media black-out, increasing numbers of Cubans have heard the rumour that FC has kicked the bucket. But most seem to write it off as propaganda.

Interesting chat in a bar last night with a guy who insisted that Cubans support socialism, but want democracy with it. Mind you, he went on to spoil his chances of being designated an 'unconscious Trotskyist' in the annual Pablo Memorial Awards by immediately thereafter offering to pimp any chica in the room that caught my eye.

Meanwhile, I have sent many emails of the last week, but have had no responses. I don't know if they are getting through OK or not. Apologies to those expecting to hear from me.


stroppybird said...

I think dave was being sarcastic re the comment about hoping a coup would not disrupt his sightseeing. He is there studying Spanish but as a journalsit he is obviously interested in the current situation.
Its likely there will be more indepth posts once he returns as he has limited internet access.

And yep, there are all those lefties on that site :-)

Orlando said...


Thank you for the clarification. But a leftist like Dave should not worry much, after all he is in the Communist paradise, he should feel right at home.

I look forward to his indepth objective posts.

stroppybird said...

I think from the posts from Dave and the comments o his site it should be clear that the left are not united in their support of Castro and many would argue it is not communist or socialist.

In fact as a response to the initial criticism of him going to Cuba he asked me to put up on the comments :
"He is not endorsing Cuba. He is going with an open mind but with a predisposition against Castroite Stalinism."