Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh, I've changed my mind

And the child grows saluting fidel...

This from realitycheck.org and freelance writer Tony Zissa. This article gives a glimpse into many future articles that will be written about Cuba, as the blind start to see the truth about the brutal tyrant that oppresses the island.

Rethinking Elian Gonzalez

by Tony Zizza

With stories and photos of Fidel Castro's "personal health" bombarding us 24/7, I have given some second serious thought into my own involvement in the infamous Elian Gonzalez case. Once you hear the name "Elian", how can you ever forget this six year old boy and the media rampage that started in late 1999, and came full circle more than six years ago?

Looking back, I have come to realize that in my advocacy to advance the concept of fathers' rights, I forgot to understand that young Elian was the wrong boy and the wrong case to champion in the name of American fathers' rights. We can properly state over and over and over again that fathers, and subsequently their children, are victimized far more often in family courts across this country, than mothers are. This must stop. However, you don't start to bring media attention to a noble cause with the wrong case. I'm speaking for myself, and understand a million and one divorced fathers will come down on me. So be it. [More here]

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