Monday, August 07, 2006

Fidel: International terrorist

The National Clergy Council is pressing for open inspection of 30-year old detention camps in the North African country of Algeria run by the POLISARIO Front, a Marxist-inspired terrorist organization bent on toppling the neighboring government of Morocco. Morocco is America’s nearest African neighbor and among its strongest allies in the region.

Some 40 years ago, Fidel Castro set his sites on the former Spanish Sahara, a swath of dessert between Africa’s Atlantic coast, Mauritania to the south and Algeria to the northeast. Morocco has a 1000-year history of sovereignty over the area interrupted only by the century-long Spanish occupation that ended in 1974.

With backing from the former Soviet Union and Libya, Castro provided training and weapons to the POLISARIO guerillas. With the decline of communism, the POLISARIO has turned to international crime to fund its operations, including the diversion and black market sales of millions of dollars in aid provided by Christian organizations.

More than 50,000 inhabitants of Morocco’s Southern Provinces of the Western Sahara have been held in the detention centers, some for decades. Tens of thousands of their children have been shipped off to Cuba for communist indoctrination. Many never returned. Christian Newswire.

“The Polisario is made up of 10,000 idle soldiers. Half of them went to Cuba to learn sabotage techniques that can be used by terror groups," Zerouali said. Morocco Times
If you train terrorist, does that make you a terrorist? The Polisario offer their greetings to their benefactor for a quick recovery. Terra EFE

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Orlando, I remember reading about the children from this region being sent to Cuba for education (in Spanish, I think). It also stated that some went back recently. Anyway, here's a link to that: