Thursday, August 03, 2006

The burden of being Cuban

It seems that wearing the tag of Cuban-American means that we need to have an opinion ready to be espoused, if asked. Sometimes we express it even when not asked; a Cuban trait. During these last days, we all have been working over time, responding to those that inquire and are interested what we think about Cuba’s situation. Cuban-American writer (and amigo) Domingo Ivan Casañas and author of Cuba the Tarnish Pearl expresses his passionate opinion about what has happened to the tyrant.

Domingo Ivan Casañas
August 2, 2006

Yes, you have heard it right here. I believe that Fidel Castro is being kept in a freezer so that on August 13th they can say he died on his birthday. The book that I wrote, Cuba the Tarnished Pearl, had a 30-year wait to be published. Why? Because my father had turned over a journal to me on many unknown facts about Cuba and Fidel. He did this in 1975 and asked me to write a book based on the information he had handed to me 30 years after his death.

My father passed away in 1976, and I turned my finish product on father’s day 2005 to honor him. In the book I ask why? Why did my father ask me to wait 30 years to have this book published? Was it because a major event was going to happen in Cuba in 2006? The answer is so clear now. Look at the major event that just occurred. Castro turned over power of the island to his alcoholic brother, Raul.

Now, let’s look at the event itself. Castro with his so-very-large ego would have loved to have made a great speech about turning power over to his brother. He would have loved to announce it to the world, and assured everyone that he would be back after his surgery. I believe that he was not able to do this because he is dead. Why am I jumping to such a conclusion? Several reasons: one, it makes sense for the Cuban Government to do this in order to give Raul time to get sober. If you notice, Raul has not been shown on any news coverage. I believe he is mourning the death of his brother with several bottles of rum. Yes, I think that the tyrant bastard is dead, bled to death, all the blood he had taken from the innocent started to flow out of him via his colon. Now he waits for his frozen body to make its way through the "hell tunnel" and when he arrives he will burn and finally be in his own hell that he so much deserves.

Wow! Was that me writing those two paragraphs? Or was it the bad feelings that I have for this tyrant? The tyrant that confiscated everything my father and family owned in Cuba without any compensation. The tyrant that made us leave our homeland. The tyrant that oppressed the Cuban people for over 45 years. The tyrant that killed so many innocent lives on the island, as well as on the sea. The tyrant that had others do the dirty work when he did not have time to do it himself. Yes! My feelings are typing whatever goes on this article. So let’s take a break from the feelings and see the possible new beginning for this paradise island.

The first thing that comes into play during a shift of power or a new ruler is, can the new ruler take the job on? The facts are clear that Raul Castro is not as popular as Fidel. The other fact is that Raul has been an alcoholic since his teens. His liver must be rotten by now. Can Raul keep Cuba going in the same direction Castro had it going? The answer is clear: Raul can only rule for no more than six months. The only way he might be able to go further is if Hugo Chavez from Venezuela decides to help him. This brings us to a situation where the United States government would intervene if Hugo would try to occupy Cuba with some of his military.

Another scenario that can possibly play out is when the death announcement becomes official, the people of Cuba take to the streets to celebrate and ask for government reforms. Raul will panic and make an announcement that anyone who wants to leave can do so, and another Mariel boat lift will occur. This is when the United States will take the opportunity to do an invasion with Cuban-Americans in Florida, this time a clandestine one so that the Cuban military won’t be waiting like they were during the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The main thing right now for Cuban Americans and the Cubans of the island is the satisfaction of knowing that for the first time in a very long time, Castro is gone from power. The sun will shine brighter; the prayers of many have been answered and Cuba will soon be Free. Excerpts of my book may be read at: WWW.CUBANBOOK.COM

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I really like this book....great ending.