Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back to schrewl

Yesterday, I helped my son move into his apartment for the third time since he started the university. I everything goes to schedule there will only be one more move and I am done (he is done), and will not have to endure being greeted by collegiate lost souls like this one. Then in the midst radical liberal professors and equally obnoxious guest lecturers, they throw in a token lecture that at least is somewhat cleansing. It would be embarrassing to tell you how much this institution of higher learning takes away from my retirement every year.


A. Perales said...

Is that collegiate lost souls one of those who is coming to school thanks to some grant due to underrepresented minorities? Is he going to get all the freebies you are paying thru your taxes? I hate to rub salt on the wound but we are paying for them to screw around and get all the help they need to graduate. I have very strong opinions about some of these characters who should have gone to community college.

Orlando said...

You know, I thougth about that very same thing after I published. I have to pay full fare for my son, he won a couple of academic scholarships, but that was only a small part and it only covered a couple of semesters. I know of one kid, he happens to be Mexican that won a full scholarship, including room and board...unheard of. Yet, he fumbled with the paperwork, and his father put on the pressure that he needed to help with the family business, guess what? Landscaping. He threw it all away! I almost killed him, I was so upset. It was given to him on a silver platter, and he proved to be ungrateful.

A. Perales said...

I had one student who received what I consider a full scholarship to St John's Universtiy back East, and didn't go because he had a girlfriend and wouldn't be with her. This was a good student, whose father was in jail and lived with his grandma, the mother had passed away. Another Mex.-Am.
My point is that some of these folks don't have such high grades for them to receive a 4-year scholarship and should be attending a j.c.