Friday, August 11, 2006

America provides freedom

Maykel Galindo was already a great soccer player when he defected from Cuba, but there was something missing preventing him from being the full person he is today. FREEDOM! This story repeats itself time and time again, but it is ignored by the castroite idiots.

His grandmother, Isabella Mesa, would never understand. Why would he leave her, the kind woman who basically reared him?

Por futbol, mi abuelita, por futbol.

"All I wanted was to be a professional soccer player," Galindo said through a translator, assistant coach Bernardo Ruiz.

"There's no pro soccer in Cuba. I wanted to give my family more security. I could do this for them by coming to America." Read his story [here].


Alberto Perales said...

His reason for leaving was to bring his family more security and the opportunity to play professionally. That I can understand. Nevertheless, he never actually expressed his sentiments about the political system back in Cuba. Is he opposed to it? It's the same for a Mexican coming here looking for a better standard of living.
This is similar to some of the folks who have come over from Cuba in recent years for economic reasons but not due to their opposition to the system, which was the case of our parents.

Orlando said...


I am glad you picked up on it. You are absolutely correct. The reality is that the memories of real freedom left Cuba with the older generation. I think that this is one of the reasons why you don't see the revolts that everyone expects from the Cubans in the island; they have trouble seeing the future.