Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The play you won't see in Miami

But New Yorkers will. The play "School of the Americas" by Puerto Rican Jose Rivera, the same man that brought you that feces of a movie the Motorcycle Diaries. This time Rivera want you to know what his murderer hero Che "Still Dead" Guevarra would have to say about the Iraq war.
The play is the story of Guevara's last night before his death in Bolivia, where he spent the final year of his life trying to foment a communist uprising. The Argentine guerrilla, a key figure in Cuba's revolution, was captured by government troops and held in a village schoolhouse while the Bolivian and U.S. governments decided his fate.
So you ask yourself the question, how does Rivera know what happened during Che's final hour? A school teacher named Julia Cortes, propably back in the day an idealistic young bimbette that was allowed to "spend some time" with the soon to have a whole in the head hero, is the primary source. But wait, how much does she remember...?
"No one knows but her really what happened in that room," Rivera added.
So, since no one really knows what really happened, lets make some things up that would help boost the sale of t-shirts. Because one thing is for sure, as succesful a murderer as Che was, he is even better at selling t-shirts.


Ernest said...

Orlando,you should learn how to spell properly.
Been in the US since 1971?
Well it looks like you should go back to school.

Me parece que eres bastante ignorante e inculto

Orlando said...


gracias por tu comentario. Tratare de mejorar "my spelling." Gracias a Dios que vivo en una sociedad que me permite escribir y cometer todas las faltas que me dan las ganas. Te aseguro que aun con mi mal inglés vivo mejor que tu, y no le sirvo a ningun amo. Pero tal paracece que no tienes ninguna idea propia tuya, y tuviste que bajarte a lo que puede. Ten cuidado que te estan vigilando.