Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is castro kaputs?

Rumors circulated around the blogosphere that cagastro had assumed room temperature. At some level, many of us, actually millions of us, wished it were true. However, I fear that this is the same happy rumor that rears its promissory head every 6 months. Here is prayer for the dictator that I lifted from Dr. Sanity, fitting the occasion.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord your soul to keep;
And if He keeps it very well,
It's sure to find its way to hell.

I pray you'll get what you deserve;
I pray you'll get what I desire;
Do you think you'll keep your nerve,
As you approach eternal fire?

And if you don't, it's no surprise--
A tyrant never lives his lies.
May all the souls that you oppressed,
Make sure you lack eternal rest.

As I close my eyes tonight,
To contemplate eternal night;
I'd pray for you, I really would,
If only I could see some good.

May God have mercy on your soul;
And may all who suffered at your hand
Be waiting there to greet you
When you reach the Promised Land

May they show you justice,
Of the type that you have shown;
And with your caring and compassion,
May you reap exactly what you've sown.

Now I face the setting sun,
And dry-eyed, lay me down to sleep;
I know that when you're dead and gone
Freedom will cheer-- and Hugo will weep.

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