Monday, July 24, 2006

How many Cubans does it take to turn a light bulb?

In his letter to the editor of the Jamaica-Gleaner, Robert is wondering about this very thing. However, let me explain, Robert, your grandson may be able to do the same, but where is his advanced degree? Can your grandson recite verbatim the 47-year-old mantra of the accomplishments of the revolución, while turning the light bulb? I think not. Just think about it Robert, your are going to have a highly “educated” communist, perhaps a PhD, or a journalist, turning your light bulbs while giving you a dosage of castroitism. Beware of the Greeks indeed!

Beware of the 'Greeks'
published: Monday | July 24, 2006


As the saying goes, one must be careful of the Greeks especially when they come bearing gifts.
I here refer to Castro the communist and his Cuban technicians coming to Jamaica to screw light bulbs into our household electrical sockets.

Why should it need 100 technicians to screw in light bulbs, when even my little grandson usually does the same? I do it, my wife does it.


Why is Fidel Castro so interested in Jamaica? Why is Kern Spencer, the Junior Minister, so enthusiastic about this light bulbs distribution as if these electrical apparatuses will cut poor people's light bill in half, which it does not, as I have that experience?

Can Jamaicans not buy a few light bulbs? Why is our government so cheap and beggy, beggy, and our people so depraved? To hell with Castro and his bulbs.

I am, etc.,
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Monticello Crescent
Spanish Town, P.O.

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