Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fidel castro murderer maximo

Today marks the 12 anniversary of one of the most abominable crimes commited by the Cuban regime against its own citizens. Forty-one Cubans many of these children were brutally murdered in altamar (sic) by fidel castro's henchmen while seeking freedom aboard a tug-boat called 13 de marzo. Here is a short video of family and friends of those who were killed during last year's commemoration of the event. Watch what happens when Cuban citizens ask their government to give them answers and to hold itself accountable. Repudiation brigades clickly decended, to defend the Cuban revolution and its murderous ways.

Babalú has a complete account.
Abajo Fidel and ¡Ya No Más! have more.


A.Perales said...

One has to admire their guts to actually demonstrate, knowing very well the consequences. I'm proud of them.

Orlando said...


It is shameful. Sometimes I get very depressed when I see stuff like this, specially from people that are our own.

On another note:
I am going to be in your area next week.

Orlando said...


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