Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cuba: Not with Mexico (UPDATE)

After posting about Cuba's embargo AGAINST Mexico, I was left wondering, why? Well it turns out, as expected that the owner of the largest hacienda in the world is just a plain deadbeat.
The Paris Club is comprised of foreign governments and banks that have extended credit to Mr. Castro, who hasn't made a payment on principal or interest since 1986 to many of them. Havana owes Mexico $380 million. In 2002, that debt was renegotiated. But last March, Mr. Castro stopped payments when he became angry with Mexican President Vicente Fox. BancoMex has since closed its offices in Havana.
Shouldn't it be Mexico the one suspending trade with Cuba? BEWARE OF THE DEADBEAT!

Read Killcastro Taco Hell interesting view on this issue and his (their) own distinctive writing style.

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