Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chapter 9 got to me

Knowing that today, I was going to be traveling; I made sure that I had plenty of reading material to read on the airplane, besides contracts. Therefore, last night I printed all the Chapters of The Lost City, a Continuation, by Henry “Conductor” Gomez of Cuban-American Pundits.

I must confess that when Chapter 1 was first published, I did not even bother to read it. I did not believe that it was going be the type of fiction that keeps my attention. I was wrong, soon after that Henry posted Chapter 2, then Chapter 3 and he is now up to Chapter 12. I read all 12 chapters today. Right now I am anticipating Chapter 13, looking forward on how the life of Cuban-American Fico Fellove evolves in the story.

Chapter 9 is so far my favorite. It reminded me so much of all the helping hands that showed up at our apartment in New Jersey right after we arrived here from Cuba. To this day we still use the cafeteras, espresso coffee pots, that were given to us soon after our arrival, that was 36 years ago. We will never get rid of them!

Henry, hurry up! What’s next?

Again, check it out at Cuban-American Pundits.

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