Monday, July 10, 2006

Bono bueno

Could it be that Bono knows that capitalism is sustainable? Lets face it, most of the people that Bono is trying to help got into their current dismal situations by the being victims of oppressive Chavez and castroit type dictatorships.


Irish rock star BONO has come under fire from left wing political activists after investing in a video game which depicts Venezuela in a negative light. The U2 frontman has invested $300 million (GBP166 million) in California manufacturers Pandemic Studios, whose game Mercenary 2: World in Flames allows players to play a mercenary sent to Venezuela, which has been taken over by an oil-hungry dictator. The player is told, "If you can see it, you can buy it, steal it, or blow the living crap out of it." The actual leader of the South American nation at present is HUGO CHAVEZ, who is well-known for his anti-imperialism views and his dislike of the United States foreign policy. JEFF COHEN, author of CABLE NEWS CONFIDENTIAL: MY MISADVENTURES IN CORPORATE MEDIA, has recently visited Venezuela and is baffled by Bono's endorsement of the game. Cohen tells gossip site PageSix, "It's hard to fathom why an artist who claims to be about new paths to justice for developing countries would be mixed up in a computer game that glorifies stale, old mercenary approaches."
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Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Great analysis. I think Bono is a pretty smart guy. He knows the problems of world poverty and such aren't going to be solved unless 1st world countries get involved. I think at times he's been miscast as a lefty, which I suppose he might lean towards but not dramatically so. He has met President Bush and other conservative types in the past in order to get bipartisan support for his initiatives.

Screw Chavez.

Gunnar said...

Of course Bono knows what he is doing. Why do you think he invested in the company? Mercenaries 2 is set to become its next blockbuster hit. By the way, Pandemic also produced "Full Spectrum Warrior" under contract with the military - for use as a training tool. It is now available for retail. "Just a game". I think not.

Check out the original press release and you'll see we are not "far lefties" but a large group of concerned citizens. Also, you can get a copy of the original letter to Bono and a factsheet about this game and Bono's connection to it.

These sites have all documents:

One of the original stories about the issue (Belfast Telegraph):

The Nation (article published today about the issue)

Elevation Partners Investors (You can see Bono is directly involved)
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