Thursday, June 22, 2006

Israeli spymaster and his associate

Rafi Eitan, the 79-year-old former spymaster, who was in charge of the Mossad operation that led to the 1960 capture of Adolf Eichmann and who ran the bungled Jonathan Pollard espionage case, will be in Havana to light a menorah together with his "associate" fidel castro. Mind you tha Rafi is an Israeli government official, and Israel does not have diplomatic relations with the Cuban regime.
Fidel Castro to light Menorah

Cuban leader, Israeli Minister Eitan to inaugurate huge Israeli symbol in central Havana square in memory of Holocaust victims

Cuban ruler Fidel Castro will use an official state ceremony to inaugurate Israel's symbol – the seven-branch menorah – in a central Havana square, in memory of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust.
Will Cubans murdered by the castro regime one day have their own memorial in a Havana square?
Attending the event will be Castro's associate, Israeli Minister Rafi Eitan (Pensioners Party).
Associate? Is that associate as in the business sense, or as in the friendship sense? Lets read on!
Eitan said the idea to set up the memorial was suggested by the Havana Mayor, who is renovating the city's old quarter.
The mayor is a professor of history and teaches at the University of Havana. For years, he researched the history of the Jews of Havana, and renovated a series of hotels which were in Jewish ownership. He also renovated the Rachel hotel, which offers its guests Israeli meals.
Eitan has enormous citrus lands in Cuba, amounting to around the size of Gaza.
That is the equivalent of 360 sq. kilometers (107,369 acres). A Cuban that uses his land to cultivate produce for his own consumption, for bartering or resale could end up in serious trouble with the authorities for just trying to ensure his daily survival.
Castro's door always open
You don't get to be a rich dictator by closing doors or business associates, even if they come from a country that you would love to see destroyed.
He set up an enormous real estate project in the country, together with an associate, including 18 residential buildings and a commercial shopping center, at around USD 200 million.
Here is the word associate again. Earlier it was used referring to castro. Are Cubans the ones benefiting from these "residential buildings" or is fidel and his associates? And of course we all know that the commercial shopping center are strictly for tourists, buying with euros.

Until he became a minister in Israel, Eitan would frequently visit Cuba, where he lived in a beautiful villa, and where he would sculpt in the basement.
OK, now I am getting a little sick. Did Rafi build raul's and fidel's respective villas as well?

Recently, he flew to Cuba to cut off business activities there, as Israeli law demands for members of the government.

A photograph of Fidel Castro hangs in Eitan's office. The two met in 1994, when Eitan received a medal for agricultural investment, and from that time Castro's door has been open to Eitan.

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