Monday, May 08, 2006

Pobrecitos, is not their fault...

La verdad de Cuba has a post explaining how the US limits Cuba’s access to the Internet, with maps and all. This blog site and others like it exist only because they are at the service of the island’s nefarious overlord. No dissenting thoughts, writings or musings are tolerated, which is more in line with the blog's name "Cuba's Truth."

It is very interesting to see the Latin-American idiots who believe all the caca de toro, and eat it all up, line, hook and sinker. They are usually the ones leaving support comments. You rarely see Cuban make any comments, and if they do, it is a more of a simple hello rather than an opinion, less be it a contrary one.

The only block to the Internet is the Cuban regime. Just ask Guillermo Fariñas.


A. Perales said...

It's incredible that she posts that type of crap here. She's just like that other one you had mentioned before. All of Cuba's problems are someone else's fault, that being the United States.
Of course, she didn't say that people can't own a computer and there's no access to the outside.

Orlando said...

It is enough to get the blood boiling. But this too shall pass.

Val Prieto said...

First, most net routes are through staellites nowadays. Second, Its interesting how a) she has access to the net, b) tourist hotles have access to the net c) the cuban governemnt has access to the net and d) a plethora of cuba based corporations have access to the net.

lo mas triste de todo son los/las comemierdas como edda que aunque tenga toda la realidad dandole soplamocos dia tras dia, siguen promulgando las mentiras. Mintienolo no solo a el puelblo cubano y a los estranjeros, sino a si mismos.

Se merecen todo lo que reciben.