Friday, May 26, 2006

Ha, ha, ha…wait, wait, ha, ha, ha!

That is ironic laughter, because the only funny thing about this story, is that it may not be true.
President Chávez discloses US plot against Evo Morales

Covered with a crimson poncho and wearing a flower wreath around his neck, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez denounced during a rally in Bolivia a plot to overthrow his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales.

He charged US President George W. Bush directly with the attempt. "If the US President is worried because democracy is being eroded in Bolivia, this means that he gave already the green light to conspiracy."

The head of state urged Bolivians to take the streets. "Should anybody order to topple Evo, we ought to stop the coupster, send him to jail immediately, in accordance with the constitutional order. Should anybody willing to tumble Evo, the Bolivian people ought to go out to the streets, because the streets belong to the people and you know what to do."

Based on his personal experience, Chávez asked Bolivians to be on the alert. "I have undergone in Venezuela the ordeal of conspiracy, economic sabotage, oil strike, terrorist acts, all of this prompted from Washington."

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Johnny Cuban said...

You know, I get the impression that Evo Morales (short little guy) and Hugo Chavez (gordo barrigon) are what is referred to in Little Havana as Bugarrones. That is why they spend so much time visiting each other and worrying about each other.