Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fight them where you can (Update)

And the battle goes on!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 9:23 PM CDT

Cuba not a Communist paradise

To the Editor:

Concerning Mr. Monton's letter to the Editor May 16, 2006. I was also born in Cuba and agree with the first letter Mr. Monton claims not all Cubans are Miami-driven anticommunists, in a sense he is right because those who are pro-communism like he is are paid agents of the Castro regime who have infiltrated our nation to spread the deadly communist propaganda just as he tried to do. Cuba indeed is a private plantation who is owned and governed by only one man. Its people go without the freedoms Mr. Monton enjoys so much in our America. I suggest that the readers research for themselves what hell the Cuban people have lived in for the past almost half century and visit And I also suggest that Mr. Monton move to Cuban (sic) and live in his Communist paradise.

Carlos Orta

I am not sure what article provoked these letters to be written, but there is centaintly a battle being wagered against misinformation about Cuba's reality. These letters were taken from the Selma Times, and at least one of the letters is from a familiar soldier in the fight for a free Cuba.

What does writer know about Cuba?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 10:42 PM CDT

To the Editor:

In response to a recent letter, I would like to ask this person what does he truly knows about Cuba?

What right does he have to criticize a place that has its own right to self-determination?

Not all the people of Cuba are Miami-driven, anticommunist, as the press many times have portrayed the Cuban community.

I was born in Cuba, and lived out of Cuba for more than 23 years and I truly believe that is about time that the government of the United States realizes that the only victim of the embargo is the Cuban people, not the Cuban government.

So, to the person criticizing the senator for his noble deeds of trying to bring some understanding into this obsolete and cruel measure, I tell you get truly informed about Cuba and then you may know what you are talking about.

Nelson Monton

Cuba only ruled by one person

Sunday, May 28, 2006 6:26 PM CDT

To the Editor:

I completely agree with the letter writer from Cuba who wrote that Cuba has a right to its own self-determination.

But the problem in Cuba is that there is no self determination.

Only one person rules in Cuba, Fidel Castro. He is a dictator, the Cuban people never elected him. Those rafts only go one way. I would ask the letter writer why he left Cuba, and why doesn't he return?

Cuba trades with the entire world, and nothing has changed. The U.S. is the largest supplier of food to Cuba. Exactly what does Mr. Monton think lifting the embargo would accomplish?

Ziva Sahl

San Pedro, Calif.

Monday, May 29, 2006 4:35 PM CDT

To the Editor:

Today I read the Letter to the Editor sent by Ziva Sahl, And that is the best answer possible to the letter of self determination.

I was a teenager when Fidel Castro "defeat Batista."

Batista already lost the elections in November and Dr. Andres Rivero Aguero won the election and was supposed to be inaugurated on May 20, 1959.

What Batista did was a resignation before the change of power, and left the country, and if the constitutional transition happened, Castro did not have an excuse to continue the war. So he accelerated the offensive and took the country and changed history his way.

We, the Cubans who believed in the constitution, began an internal war. I was taken prisoner, and spent the next 14 years in forced labor concentration camps and prisons.

I saw many of my comrades executed for no reason, and just to talk about human rights violations, I need a thousand pages. He talks about embargo. There are over 150 countries that he has commerce with. Canada and Mexico sell to him everything he needs, the old Soviet Union gave Cuba more help than the Marshall plan gave to Europe after WWII, Europe flushed, and Cuba misused the money in expeditionary war.

The most important - Angola where 22,000 soldiers died out a population of 11 millions. For USA it's a problem, the loss of 54,000 out of 200 million in Vietnam. Based in that proportion, Cuba shall be traumatized. The bodies of fallen American troops - most of them are returned home and their families can go to place a flower. Cuban soldiers bodies were never returned. So this monster called himself President (non elected) is good for that person, and for a Senator that went to Cuba recently. That is impressive!

Thanks to your newspaper and to Ziva Sahl for that great letter.

Hector Aballi

Miami, Fla.


A. Perales said...

And I always wonder why these folks stay in this country instead of flying back to Cuba to stay put. Whenever I hear these folks, I want to put them in a plane on a one-way ticket.

ziva said...

I had no idea my letter would be published, what can I say? When it comes to Cuba, I just cannot keep my mouth shut. Good sleuthing Orlando, Regards, Ziva