Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cuban Festival Los Angeles

Originally uploaded by El Confeti.
It is fair to say that this festival goes by many names: Presencia cubana en Los Angeles, Cubans in Hollywood, Cubafest LA, etc., has one major ingredient missing...Cubans! The organizers may be Cuban, and the music may be Cuban, and the flavor may be Cuban, but the majority of attendees are certaintly not Cuban. It is primarily attented by Puerto Ricans, and people from Central America. Even in a city that is predominantly Mexican, they too are visibly missing.

One of my major gripes, in general are people who choose to wear the Cuban flag as a clothing garment. Call me old fashioned, but I believe that it is not dignified, and it denegrades our great symbol. I particularly hate the head scarfs.

We stayed at the festival for a very short time, which was followed by going to see The Lost City. I felt cleansed after that.

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A. Perales said...

One of your pictures had a booth serving Mexican tortas. And this is a Cuban gathering? Perhaps the Cubans that used to live in that area of L.A. have disappeared to other areas of the county. I don't think there are as many Cubans in Los Angeles as back in the 60's. Living in the San Joaquin valley, I think this is the first time I've heard of this festival.
Thanks for the pics.

Orlando said...

I have been going to the festival the last couple of years. However, it seems to be shrinking every time I go. I think that the organizers do a very poor job at getting the word out. The Mexican booth that you saw in the pictues was one of many.

ziva said...

Orlando, was this festival in Echo Park? We went to a Cuban Festival in Long Beach near the Queen Mary last month that was very Cuban, including Willy Chirino among others. We had a great time.

Orlando said...


Yes it was in Echo Park. I must admit that I was underwhelmed. Is the one in Long Beach an annual event?