Friday, May 05, 2006

Cada día we go broker

I just paid $65 to fill my gas tank, and nowadays everytime that I do, it pisses me off. It is costing me approximately $400 per month to get to and from work; although, I try telecommuting as much as possible. But where is our President on this? He is celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
We pay tribute to that heritage, and we honor the warmth and importance of the friendship between our two nations. The United States and Mexico are united by ties of family and by commerce and by history and by culture and by values. Both nations believe in the rights and the dignity of all people. We share an important trade relationship. We have discovered that trade between our nations is good for our peoples. We believe in the ideals of freedom and independence that Cinco de Mayo represents.

Here in the United States, Mexican Americans have helped build our country and helped shape our culture. Mexican Americans have made our nation more vibrant and more hopeful cada dia. Mexican Americans have enriched the American experience with contributions to business and the arts and music and sports. Latino entrepreneurs are creating jobs across the country; the number of Hispanic-owned businesses is growing at three times the national rate. More Hispanic Americans own their homes than ever before in our nation's history.
Presidente Fox at the last minute decided not sign the drug law, pending further evaluation. Did Presidente Fox and Jorge W. Bush cut a deal: no drug law for an amnesty program for Mexican illegals?

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tocororo_libre said...

who knows maybe that's the case,meanwhile cubans americans
get fuck!