Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And now they have a martyr

Like all good leftist movements a martyr is a must, and the leftist illegals have finally figured this out.

LOS ANGELES A student-led, pro-immigration rally that is expected to take place this weekend will be dedicated to a 14-year-old boy from Ontario who committed suicide after marching in a student walkout, organizers said Wednesday.

The march will be dedicated to Anthony Soltero, who shot and killed himself March 30. A school administrator allegedly told Soltero that he would be fined and jailed for participating in a March 28 student walkout.
Anthony’s mother, Louise Corales, said, “Anthony was learning about the importance of civic duties and rights in his eighth grade class. Ironically, he died because the vice principal at his school threatened him for speaking out and exercising those rights.”
About a year ago Soltero was placed on probration for bringing a pen knife to school. Apparently neither the mother nor he knew it was illegal to have a pen knife. Mrs. Corales (or Mrs. Soltero?) apparently has a problem along with her 12 million other compadres understading when the law is infringed.

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Alberto Perales said...

If he committed suicide, sorry to say, it was due to mental problems. Who in his right mind would commmit suicide for being reprimanded over cutting class?