Monday, February 27, 2006

UNESCO: International snake pit

President Ronald Reagan always had a clear vision of who the enemy was. We now see President George "Forest Gump" Bush completely perplexed about this deal with the ports and UAE, but more so his obstinate stance in dealing with the whole issue. In 1984 Reagan withdrew the USA from UNESCO citing its (UNESCO's) "blatant anti-Americanism and general hostility to freedom." Thanks to Bush, the USA is now back as a UNESCO member, "funding approximately 25 percent of its budget." This has put the USA in the same "pit" with the vile Hugo Chavez and the decrepit fidel castro, both of whom have embraced UNESCO and are using it as a conduit for spreading castrolicism worldwide.

From The New American
Castro and Chavez Love the UN's UNESCO
by John F. McManus

In 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) acted on a suggestion given by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro that it confer an award in the name of Jose Marti, Cuba's national hero who died in 1895 during its war for independence from Spain.

The award for 2005, presented by Castro on February 3 before 200,000 in Havana’s Revolution Plaza, went to Marxist Hugo Chavez, the fiery anti-American leader of Venezuela. Chavez used the opportunity given him to solidify his alliance with Castro and to ratchet up his attack on the United States.

The lending of UNESCO’s name to an annual pro-communist celebration says plenty about this division of the UN, and about the UN itself. It also says something about President George W. Bush, who put the U.S. back into this UN agency in 2002, ending our 18-year absence. America had withdrawn in 1984 when President Reagan cited UNESCO’s blatant anti-Americanism and general hostility to freedom. But thanks to the current occupant of the White House, we are once again a UNESCO member, funding approximately 25 percent of its budget. MORE.
America's contribution to the annual UNESCO budget is $80 million, which is based on the economic strenght of the member nation. How much do you think is Cuba's contribution?

Also read an interesting commentary from Real Clear Politics: New Radical Chic, by Peter Brookes.


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