Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Cocalero wants the Nobel Peace Price

Maybe is not so good to bite the hands that feeds you. The US is cutting military aid to Bolivia and the Cocalero is not very happy about it. He ripped into the US Saturday during a "four-hour speech" (sounds familiar) " to coca growers in the central city of Cochabamba." And to put the final icing on the cake, the Cocalero
also called on the coca growers of the Chapare region, where he began his political life a decade ago as their leader, to launch a movement asking that he be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
If a six times murderer like Stanley "Tookie" Williams can be nominated for the NPP, then why not the Cocalero...as he has so humbly offered himself. It must the Napoleon complex.
"Then the gringos would surely stop bothering and threatening us," Morales said.

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