Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chicken is No. 1 Export to Cuba

Cuba seems to be buying a lot of chicken from the USA, but who really benefits for the millions of pounds purchased by the island. The Spaniards, Germans, Canadians, Italians, and every other tourist visiting the communist paradise get to enjoy the American (free from avian flue) chicken. The tourist industry gets it all, which is the only growing economy for the island. Cubans who are treated like second class citizens can find their chicken, if available, in the black market or steal it (see Babalú) at great personal risk.
Arkansas companies are involved in selling food to Cuba.
A trade embargo is in effect with the communist nation, but food sales are allowed.

Chicken has become the top U-S product exported to the Caribbean island nation. That's according to the U-S Cuba Trade and Economic Council in New York.

And that trade in chicken benefits companies like Arkansas' Tyson, which sells some of its goods to traders who resell it to Cuba.

Chicken sales to Cuba were worth 60 (m) million dollars in 2005.
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