Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The dictator works to block the cucarachas' electronic sign

Wow! Is this funny or what, how the mighty dictator is afraid of mere words. Less than 24 hours after the 7 hour march in Havana, trenches are being built to erect what appears to be a block wall to restrict the view of the electronic billboard. Just like the Soviet Union was driven to bankruptcy in the arms race, maybe, just maybe we can do the same to the dictactor with simple billboards. Who knew?!

Cuba moves to block US electronic message board

By Anthony Boadle

HAVANA (Reuters) - Bulldozers dug up a street in front of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana on Wednesday apparently preparing to block the view of an electronic billboard carrying human rights messages that has angered President Fidel Castro.

Brigades of workers began the task on Tuesday night, hours after Castro and hundreds of thousands of Cubans marched past the mission to protest against the five-foot-high (1.5- meter) ticker that streams messages across the facade of the U.S. Interests Section. Read the rest here.

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