Monday, January 23, 2006

Demonstration against US scheduled for Tuesday in Havana

So it only took the cagalitroso from Havana 8 days after the electronic sign went up to schedule a demonstration march against the USA. Scheduled for Tuesday, he will put on his sneakers, and thousands of communists and communist fearing Cubans will have to report to this march. It will be sold as a spontaneous event, but attendance will be taken.

Castro convoca marcha contra gobierno de EU

El Presidente cubano convocó a una marcha en La Habana para el próximo martes frente a la Oficina de Intereses de Estados Unidos en Cuba, a fin de protestar contra la política del gobierno del mandatario George W. Bush.


Yael said...

just further proof that castro is senile- feels he is fooling people with his lame "protests"...

A. Perales said...

He may be old but not senile in order to come up with some method to stop the sign in the embassy. He knows how to play the game very well.
Just look at his invitation to poor Americans who want to have an eye operation in Cuba.